The Life of Zamenhof

Edmond Privat

The Life of Zamenhof is a biography of L. L. Zamenhof, the founder of Esperanto, written in Esperanto by Edmond Privat. The first edition was in 1920 with 208 pages, and the second edition was in 1923 with 109 pages. Titles of the chapters in the English translation by Ralph Eliott: The Peoples of Lithuania; A Child in Bielostok; A Schoolboy in Warsaw; Student Years; Doktoro Esperanto; A Prophet of Idealism; "Homarano"; Congress Speeches; The Linguist; The Writer; The Ethical Thinker; Approach of Death. "The master, already dead, with a living spirit is among us and to be intimately acquainted with this spirit, the most humane in the last century, the faithful disciple introduces it to us through masterful eloquence in his work." (Jobo, L M 1922, page 20). Appeared in English (1931) and Dutch (1934) translations.