{{Infobox play | name = Thesmophoriazusae| image = Kore55.jpg| caption =Kore, daughter of Demeter, celebrated with her mother by the Thesmophoriazusae (women of the festival). Acropolis Museum, Athens.The Dramatis Personae in ancient comedy depends on interpretation of textual evidence. This list is based on David Barrett's translation | writer = Aristophanes| chorus = 1) Agathon's chorus2) Women of Athens| characters = *Euripides A poet Mnesilochus, an elderly relative of Euripides Agathon another poet Cleisthenes a notorious homosexual A servant of Agathon A prytanis (magistrate) A Scythian archer (policeman) Micca ('1st woman') Myrtle vendor ('2nd woman') Critylla ('3rd woman') Herald /leader of Woman's ChorusSilent roles: Manya A maid of Micca Philista Another maid of Micca A dancing girl| setting = 1) Street outside Agathon's house2) Forecourt of the Temple of Demeter Thesmophoros}}